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Natural Latex USA
Natural Latex USA supplies pillows made out of natural latex and export to the Business to Business market around the globe. Natural Latex USA Have the capacity to produce over 1600 pillows per day, Natural Latex USA provides employment to over 100 people & functions outstandingly with its 25 years of experience.

Natural Latex Pillows

Natural Latex
High Elasticity
High Density
Perfect Softness
Cervical Support

Pillows Range

Standard Pillow
Kid Pillow
Knobby Pillow
Bamby Pillow
Flat Contour Pillow
|Natural Latex USA
Using The Finest Machinery & Technology

With the use of cutting-edge machinery and the latest technology, Natural Latex USA functions efficiently in order to provide a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

|Natural Latex USA
Reaching Heights With Our Own Vertical Integration

Natural Latex USA functions as a fully vertically integrated company that has its own plantations and engages in the entire process of farming, manufacturing, distributing, exporting & engaging in the wholesale & retail procedures. Natural Latex USA is a company that has been awarded many environmentally-friendly as well as quality certificates that denotes its great efficiency at being a high-quality product.